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Your invitation to attend the launch of WWF Scotland and ScottishPower's COP26 Climate Collaboration Challenge


16 November 2020 from 2 – 4pm

To register for this event please email

The challenge 

WWF Scotland and ScottishPower invite you to take part in our COP 26 Climate Collaboration Challenge with the aim of sparking innovative ways of working together to accelerate climate action and adaptation. Our goal is to combine the energy, skills, resources and knowledge of business, industry, public agencies, financial institutions and civil society.

What are we looking for?

  • Little and large: projects that show you’re never too large or too small to work together
  • Opposites attract: collaborations by unlikely allies can yield the best results for their partners
  • and the planet
  • Global reach: partnerships that generate a positive impact that stretches beyond our shores

Our challenge to you is to broaden your horizons, consider the potential benefits of cross-sector collaboration and embark on your own new project or partnership.

The launch event

We are inviting representatives of all sectors in Scotland (local and national government, land-use, energy, building, transport, civil society, finance, academia) to virtually join us on the 16 November, one year ahead of COP26, to launch this challenge.

Listen to inspiring international case studies, connect with other sectors here in Scotland and consider what new partnerships you could form. 

Our inspirational speakers include:

  • Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Leader, Climate and Energy Practice, WWF International
  • Nigel Topping, High Level Climate Action Champion for COP26
  • High Level Scottish Government Speaker
  • Keith Anderson, CEO ScottishPower
  • Kathryn Dapre, Chair of Sustainable Scotland Network 


Following the launch event there will be a chance to participate in virtual workshops and find opportunities for collaboration. More detail about the workshops will be made available after the launch event.


At COP26, we want to showcase your new and innovative partnerships to inspire even more action both across Scotland and globally. 

We will jointly host a significant event to share your project and promote the learning to a global audience. This will be a fantastic opportunity to show how we can all play a part in an accelerated response to climate change.

WWF Scotland and ScottishPower's COP26 climate collaboration challenge: all sectors need to work together to tackle the climate emergency, join our launch event to find out more. 16 November 2020 from 2 — 4pm. Speakers include, among others: Manuel pulgar-VidaI, Leader, Climate and Energy practice, WWF International Nigel Topping, High Level Climate Action Champion for COP26 High Level Scottish Government speaker. Keith Anderson, CEO ScottishPower. Kathryn Dapre, Chair of sustainable Scotland Network. For further information visit