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Current Events

Engineering Opportunities 2018

At ScottishPower our Networks business is at the forefront of network innovation. We currently have career opportunities for experienced engineers and also for individuals with transferrable skills to join our operational engineering programme.

At the forefront of digital transformation

The Iberdrola group’s innovation and digital transformation programme will receive an investment of over 1 billion euros between 2018 and 2022 for the design of a new Global Information Technology (IT) Security and Cybersecurity Plan.

East Anglia ONE Offshore Substation Installed

The offshore substation for ScottishPower Renewables’ East Anglia ONE windfarm has successfully been installed in the southern North Sea, some 59 km from the coast of Lowestoft.

Key Points

ScottishPower's Modern Slavery Statement

ScottishPower is committed to human and labour rights and to eliminating Modern Slavery that could in anyway be connected to our business.

ScottishPower Foundation

The ScottishPower Foundation was established in May 2013 and reinforces our commitment to support charitable work throughout the UK.

Top Stories

Neolithic discovery at East Anglia ONE Suffolk

Neolithic discovery at East Anglia ONE Suffolk

New archaeological finds unearthed in Suffolk

The remains of a Neolithic timber trackway dating to 2,300 BC was discovered during an archaeological dig carried out prior to laying underground cables to connect the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm with the UK national electricity grid.

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Cycle lanes of the Future

Cycle lanes of the Future

Bike lanes for the cyclists of the future: high-tech and sustainable

On land, sea or air, the cycle lanes of the future will be safer for users, reducing pollution and preventing many of the accidents that happen every day. With a goal like this, originality abounds.

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Plastic Recycling Method

Plastic Recycling Method

Plastics recycling, a complex reality that comes up to the surface

Every year, twelve million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. A Spanish researcher, David Espinosa, has received an international award for his innovative project for the mass recycling of such packaging.

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Research vessel ship Hespérides: 'sentinel' project

Research vessel ship Hespérides: 'sentinel' project

Some Persistent Organic Pollutants could last around 30 years

Science and adventure often travel hand in hand. Begoña Jiménez has been on the trail of Persistent Contaminating Pollutants (POP) as far as the Antarctic. She is one of the Sentinel scientists, a project set up to measure the accumulation and persistence in the environment of these substances that can affect human health.

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