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Committed to the well-being of people and the preservation of the planet

The Iberdrola group has drawn up a corporate purpose to help to bring the company closer to people, to society as a whole and to its Stakeholders. To achieve this our values have evolved in the direction of three concepts that are behind our entire strategy: sustainable energy, integrating force and driving force.

Offshore Opportunities

Our global offshore pipeline is growing rapidly, bringing us closer to our ambition of being the “Utility of the Future”.
We’re seeking new talent to bring passion and knowledge to teams already committed to building a better future, quicker. If you share our passion we want to hear from you.

Key Points

ScottishPower's Modern Slavery Statement

ScottishPower is committed to human and labour rights and to eliminating Modern Slavery that could in anyway be connected to our business.

ScottishPower Foundation

The ScottishPower Foundation was established in May 2013 and reinforces our commitment to support charitable work throughout the UK.

Top Stories

Commitment to the Environment

Young people rise up against climate change

Greta Thunberg is a global phenomenon who is inspiring young people to protest against climate change. And she isn't alone. Thousands of young men and women around the world are worried about their future and have joined the Fridays for Future initiative, which consists of Friday meetings to raise awareness about this global concern.

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Energy Transition

We advance towards a sustainable future

The Iberdrola group is committed to a sustainable, safe and competitive business model which replaces polluting sources of energy with clean ones and intensifies the decarbonisation and electrification required worldwide.

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Digital Transformation

Corporate culture in the digital era

Digital transformation is the key to business competitiveness in a changing and increasingly demanding market. However, for this technological reform to be successfully completed, a corporate culture is needed to promote innovation and creativity within companies.

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What Is Big Data And What Is It Used For?

Big data: main uses and applications

Nowadays, almost 6,500 million connected devices share information over the Internet. In 2025, this figure will rise up to 20,000 million. Big data analyses this "sea of data" to convert it into the information that is transforming our world.

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