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Powering a sustainable future


At ScottishPower, we’re committed to powering with purpose so we can all enjoy a cleaner, greener, better and sustainable future.


As the first integrated energy company to generate only 100% green electricity, sustainability sits at the heart of all we do and is embedded across our business. Whether serving millions of customers across the UK, employing thousands of staff or investing billions of pounds in the UK economy, that’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Action 2030 is our first-ever Sustainable Development Strategy and sets out our vision and ambitions for the change that we can deliver together by the end of the decade – as an employer, as an employee, as a partner, as a supplier. We all have a part to play.

Across six key themes and 28 targets that link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have set out a clear pathway that will ensure ScottishPower continues to deliver for a sustainable future.

That’s not just about leading the transition to cleaner and greener energy, it’s about how we help drive social and environmental change across our operations, through our supply chain, across the industry and into our everyday lives. 

What does that mean in practice? That means using sustainability as the touchstone for all we do and the decisions we make – from increasing our renewables capacity to electrifying and decarbonising our fleet, making more use of sustainable steel to reducing our landfill, supporting tree planting and conservation to helping customers in fuel poverty.

We’re already making a significant difference across our six sustainability themes – clean energy, climate action, biodiversity and ecosystems, circular economy, our communities, and work skills – but with our collective will and effort, we can go further and faster than ever before.

So, let’s make this the decade of delivery, the decade where our vision and ambitions become our reality, the decade for Action 2030. Together, we can do it.