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The Future of Transport

The Green and Sustainable Future of Transport

Anita Sengupta, aerospace engineer, scientist and pilot, invites us to travel to the future, but not in any old vehicle... on board a magnetic levitation (MAGLEV), or hyperloop, or in a supersonic aircraft. Care to join us? Find out more

Cyber war

Are you ready for cyber warfare?

Two authors, two points of view and a theme. A face to face between Keren Elazari and Alec Ross with cyber warfare under debate, conflicts that will involve the entire planet, including you! Discover their different visions and their answers to the big question: are we ready? Read more


How would the post-pandemic office look like?

Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, analyses the impact of the digital revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic on offices and and shares his vision on how offices should be in the near future. Read more



Kate Darling, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, is the guest contributor in the fourth SHAPES, and from where she invites humans to take responsibility and decide what their relationship with robots will be like. Find Out More


Digital twins, the keys to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Wind turbines, engines and cranes are now able to understand each other and converse in natural language with engineers. It is not science fiction, they are digital twins, a disruptive technology that will be vital in the rise and progression of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Learn More

Technology Trends 2020

Innovation trends in 2020: ready for the 'great technological leap'?

Technological advances are occurring at a dizzying speed and 2020 is expected to be the year of the so-called great technological leap. Industry is fast preparing itself to embark on a new era in which robots, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other trends in innovation will dominate our lives. Learn More

Startup Challenge

We are looking for digital solutions that optimise our public lighting and cabling database

We are launching an international call for tender to find solutions that enable autonomous detection and validation of public lighting points and cabling not registered in the company’s database. Participate before 31 March and you can develop a pilot project and get investment. Read More

An innovative ecosystem

A journey around the most innovative cities in the world

In a world subjected to constant change on the back of the digital revolution, innovation has become essential. This is not only true for the business world, but also for cities. Discover which are the most innovative and competitive cities in the world, and the criteria that have put them at the top. Find Out More

Blockchain in the energy market

How can blockchain be used to certify the source of green energy?

At Iberdrola group we have begun a pilot project based on using blockchain to guarantee, in real time, that the energy supplied and consumed is 100% renewable. Using this technology, we have managed to link plants where electricity is produced to specific points of consumption, allowing the source of the energy to be traced. This increases transparency and ultimately encourages the use of renewable energy. Find Out More

Energy Storage

Energy storage: the key to a decarbonised future

Efficient energy storage is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition: allowing flexible renewable energy production and guaranteeing its integration into the grid. Find out which storage systems are the most efficient and which ones promise to drive the much-needed transition towards a decarbonised electricity system. Read More