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Welcome to the Suppliers section. You can register as a supplier and participate in our tenders here. In addition, you will have access to your management panel ("Orders and invoices") from where you can manage and view all your operations.

New Purchasing Platforms, More Digital, More Collaborative


We have important new features related to the Supplier Registration and Management System. From now on, this will be done on a new, global and unique digital platform, managed by GoSupply. On the other hand, we have started a progressive change for tenders: our SRM platform will gradually be replaced by IBuy, a new purchasing platform based on SAP-ARIBA cloud technology.

At a Glance



If you are already a supplier you will have to register in the new applications, but we will guide you at all times so that the transfer is swift and simple. Find out how these changes will affect you.

About our Purchase Process

If you have never been a supplier before, here are the steps you need to follow, from registration to delivery and invoicing jobs:


Factors Evaluated for Classifying Suppliers

At Iberdrola we look for sustainable, transparent, fair and ethical supplies and suppliers. That's why we evaluate your company to find out what the potential risk is during the purchasing process. We check that your modus operandi is aligned with our group's policies, principles and responsibilities. Find out about what factors are evaluated for classifying suppliers.


Requirements to be qualified as a supplier

  • You must accept the Supplier's Code of Ethics: the document contains the main ethics that the applicant must accept before starting a contractual relationship with the Iberdrola group.
  • Complying with the legislation of each country in which it operates: compliance with the applicable legislation in each of the countries in which the Iberdrola group carries out its activities is essential.
  • Stability: the financial situation of the applicant must be stable - there can be no credit risk.
  • Sustainability: the potential supplier must demonstrate consistently ethical and moral behaviour; respect for Human Rights, the environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc.
  • Civil Liability: for certain contracts the future supplier must have a third party liability policy appropriate to the needs.

About the Purchasing Report 2019-2020

Contact Us

We have a Supplier Service Centre at your disposal (Monday to Friday from 07:00h to 23:00h) to answer any queries you may have.