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As part of the Iberdrola Group, ScottishPower aims to be a strong, successful and sustainable company.

We are committed to doing business responsibly, in order to achieve sustainable growth and to protect and enhance the reputation of ScottishPower and the wider Iberdrola Group in the UK.

Ethics is at the core of the Iberdrola Group’s strategy, its business model and its decision making. The company’s Code of Ethics sets out our commitment to business ethics and transparency in all areas of activity, and establishes a set of principles and guidelines designed to ensure ethical and responsible behaviour by all professionals of the Group in the performance of their activities. 

We believe that it is important to engage with our many stakeholder groups regularly, in order to build and maintain positive relations and to better understand their views on our business.

ScottishPower is represented on the Iberdrola CSR and Reputation Committee, which identifies and implements the most appropriate actions at Group and geographic levels to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report, published every year by Iberdrola, provides full information on the Group’s performance in the three fields of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.