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European Green Deal

European Green Deal: much more than a strategy to combat climate change

In 2009, in the midst of an economic recession, the United Nations already pointed the way by launching a report entitled Rethinking the Economic Recovery: A Global Green New Deal. Its call went unnoticed, but today, with numerous indicators focusing on the impact of climate change on the planet, this concept is becoming topical once again with the objective of paving the way for sustainable growth. The European Union (EU) has now announced the European Green Deal. Read More

Climate Change Documentaries

Top ten nature documentaries to raise your climate change awareness

Documentaries have become one of our greatest allies in the battle against climate change. Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, politicians like Al Gore, artists such as Vik Muniz, musicians like Philip Glass and photographers such as James Balog have all engaged in this kind of projects to help raise awareness about a problem that is threatening the future of the coming generations. Find Out More

Energy Transition

Pioneering the energy transition through the decarbonization of the economy

The Iberdrola group is committed to a clean, reliable and smart business model that replaces polluting sources of energy with clean ones and intensifies the necessary decarbonisation and electrification of the world economy. Find Out More

Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to climate change: what will the Earth look like in 2030?

Climate change is a threat to the future of our planet, but there is still time for us to adapt to it and mitigate its effects. Below, we take a look at the measures being put in place and travel in time to see what the world will look like if we are to halt global warming. Read more

SDG 13: Climate Action

Committed to climate action

Climate change is having a negative impact on the environment, the economy and people's health and is now considered one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century. The Iberdrola group is actively and decisively contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon future to fight against this global phenomenon. Learn More

Climate Leader Awards 2019

Moving for Climate NOW, rewarded for its outreach work in the fight against climate change

Iberdrola's Moving for Climate NOW project has been acknowledged as the best outreach initiative in the second Climate Leaders Awards, championed by The Climate Reality Project, for its work in the fight against climate change in Spain. Read More

The impact of climate change

How is climate change affecting the economy and society?

Not only is it a serious threat to the planet and to people, climate change is also threatening the global economy. This problem needs public-private sector collaboration to change the way we produce goods to other methods that guarantee and drive the development of sustainable economic growth. Learn More

Marine Debris

Four innovative initiatives for cleaning up the oceans

According to Greenpeace, our oceans receive 200 kilos of rubbish a second and have floating islands of plastic with an area four times the size of California. This situation, which is so harmful to the health of our planet, has inspired four ingenious initiatives for cleaning up the oceans. Read about them here; they'll definitely surprise you! Find out more

The war against plastic waste

Goodbye to single-use plastics

In 2021, sales of single-use plastics such as drinking straws, cutlery and cotton buds will be banned in Europe. With almost 90,000 tons of rubbish in the Pacific alone, these, and other similar measures, are sweeping the globe in an attempt to stem the flow of plastic reaching our oceans. Learn More

Plastic-free shopping and the environment

Is shopping for loose products the solution to reducing our use of plastics?

Shopping for loose produce has become popular again to reduce food wastage and help to halt the avalanche of plastic packaging which is damaging our planet. This way of shopping, which was commonplace until only a few decades ago, enables us to buy foodstuffs and other household products by weight and without packaging, and has become a mainstay of the global zero-waste movement. Learn more

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