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The impact of climate change

How is climate change affecting the economy and society?

Not only is it a serious threat to the planet and to people, climate change is also threatening the global economy. This problem needs public-private sector collaboration to change the way we produce goods to other methods that guarantee and drive the development of sustainable economic growth. Learn More

The war against plastic waste

Goodbye to single-use plastics

In 2021, sales of single-use plastics such as drinking straws, cutlery and cotton buds will be banned in Europe. With almost 90,000 tons of rubbish in the Pacific alone, these, and other similar measures, are sweeping the globe in an attempt to stem the flow of plastic reaching our oceans. Learn More

Commitment to the Environment

Young people rise up against climate change

Greta Thunberg is a global phenomenon who is inspiring young people to protest against climate change. And she isn't alone. Thousands of young men and women around the world are worried about their future and have joined the Fridays for Future initiative, which consists of Friday meetings to raise awareness about this global concern. Read more

Energy Transition

We advance towards a sustainable future

The Iberdrola group is committed to a sustainable, safe and competitive business model which replaces polluting sources of energy with clean ones and intensifies the decarbonisation and electrification required worldwide. Know More

What are microplastics?

Microplastics: the silent invasion

Humans have produced 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic since 1950. Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled and the vast majority ends up in landfills and in the environment, where it disintegrates into microparticles that pollute water and air, harm marine wildlife and are ultimately consumed by humans. Find out more

Living without plastics

Is it possible to live without plastics?

Living without plastics is possible. At least it is in Aberporth, a small tourist village on the west coast of Wales. Its 1,100 inhabitants have reduced their consumption to make their village the world's first plastic-free community thanks to 'Plastic-free Aberporth', an initiative led by local resident and filmmaker Gail Tudor. Find Out More


And if they paid you for recycling?

Imagine they pay you for every package you recycle. The idea is as modern as it is old, is already successfully employed in countries like Germany, the United States and Australia and is known as the deposit and refund system (DRS). Its aim: to guarantee the recovery of recyclable waste. Find Out More

Perspectives of the 2018 Climate Summit

COP24 will establish the instruments to be used to comply with the Paris Agreement and will send strong signals to governments and civil society

The Katowice Climate Summit (COP24) will take place from 2nd to 14th December under Poland's presidency and will constitute a real milestone in the global climate action agenda. We analyse, in detail, its progress and possible results. Read More

Cycle lanes of the Future

Bike lanes for the cyclists of the future: high-tech and sustainable

On land, sea or air, the cycle lanes of the future will be safer for users, reducing pollution and preventing many of the accidents that happen every day. With a goal like this, originality abounds. Read more

Plastic Recycling Method

Plastics recycling, a complex reality that comes up to the surface

Every year, twelve million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. A Spanish researcher, David Espinosa, has received an international award for his innovative project for the mass recycling of such packaging. Read More

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