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Climate Week NYC 2020

We are driving the green recovery forward in order to achieve a carbon-neutral future

Climate Week NYC (21-27 September) this year focuses on the lessons that can be learned from the current context, shaped by COVID-19, to move towards a carbon neutral future through a fair transition. Iberdrola group will be present at the summit and will advocate a green recovery of the economy and employment. Further Information

The Renewables Revolution

Shapes, Getting on board with the renewables revolution, Jonathon Porrit.

Jonathon Porritt, co-founder of Forum for the Future, points out in SHAPES the importance of renewable energies to face the climate emergency. Read More

Sustainable Development Goals

Leaders in driving the SDGs

Coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, to be celebrated on 25 September, Iberdrola group reaffirms its commitment to the SDGs, which are part of its corporate strategy and corporate governance system. Read more

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen: an alternative that reduces emissions and cares for our planet

Decarbonising the planet is one of the goals that countries around the world have set for 2050. To achieve this, decarbonising the production of an element like hydrogen, giving rise to green hydrogen, is one of the keys as this is currently responsible for more than 2 % of total global CO2 emissions. Find out how this is achieved and what its impact will be in the coming decades. Learn More

Decarbonisation in the European Union

Electricity with renewables and electrification, essential for the decarbonisation of energy in Europe by 2050

The electrification of transport and residential heating and the obtaining of electricity through renewable energies will be the key factors in decarbonising the European economy by 2050. This is the main conclusion that can be drawn from the study prepared by the consultancy AFRY (formerly POYRY) for Iberdrola, which establishes a roadmap for the energy sector on the continent. Read More

Green Recovery

Iberdrola committed to the Green Recovery as a path to economic and employment recovery

The Iberdrola group believes that the economic and employment recovery after COVID-19 has to be green, which is why it is pressing for the adoption of a new social-economic model which is climate-neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Learn More

Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure, a must in the fight against climate change

The world will have to invest $90 trillion in sustainable infrastructure by 2030, according to estimates by The New Climate Economy. These investments are crucial not only to renew old equipment in developed countries and bring them in sync with the fight against climate change, but also to bolster green economic growth in emerging markets and developing countries. Find Out More

European Green Deal

European Green Deal: much more than a strategy to combat climate change

In 2009, in the midst of an economic recession, the United Nations already pointed the way by launching a report entitled Rethinking the Economic Recovery: A Global Green New Deal. Its call went unnoticed, but today, with numerous indicators focusing on the impact of climate change on the planet, this concept is becoming topical once again with the objective of paving the way for sustainable growth. The European Union (EU) has now announced the European Green Deal. Read More

Climate Change Documentaries

Top ten nature documentaries to raise your climate change awareness

Documentaries have become one of our greatest allies in the battle against climate change. Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, politicians like Al Gore, artists such as Vik Muniz, musicians like Philip Glass and photographers such as James Balog have all engaged in this kind of projects to help raise awareness about a problem that is threatening the future of the coming generations. Find Out More

Energy Transition

Pioneering the energy transition through the decarbonization of the economy

The Iberdrola group is committed to a clean, reliable and smart business model that replaces polluting sources of energy with clean ones and intensifies the necessary decarbonisation and electrification of the world economy. Find Out More

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