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Zero Carbon Communities

Understanding the transport, heat and energy infrastructure that communities across the UK need to reach Net Zero>/h2>

In 2019, the UK made a legally binding commitment to a zero-carbon future, legislating a deadline for its contribution to global warming – 2050. In some parts of the country, the net-zero targets are even more ambitious.

Exactly how to achieve these targets, and the roadmap to get there, is not yet clear. As energy devolution becomes more and more common, the risk to communities is they are left behind in transition.At ScottishPower, we are launching our commitment to work with these communities to help identify what steps they need to take, specific to them, to meet the goals.

Zero Carbon Communities is the first initiative of its kind to explore and solve these challenges. ZCC sets out a roadmap in each of the regions that we operate in, helping us to achieve a better future, quicker.

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Come clean on green: ScottishPower and Good Energy call time on energy greenwashing

100% green energy tariff suppliers ScottishPower and Good Energy join forces to voice concerns about greenwashing in the energy retail market...


Glasgow City Council has set out its clear intention to become the UK's first Net Zero City by 2030.

"ScottishPower has been headquartered in the Glasgow region for over 65 years and we’ve pledged to help Glasgow meet this ambitious target..."

Zero Carbon Communities: key national findings. Key UK Targets for the path to Net Zero by 2050. Number of electric vehicle charging points needed by 2050: 25,299,147. Number of these which will be installed in public places: 2,627,280. Number of homes that will install heat pumps by 2050: 22,808,780. Estimated cost of installing these heat pumps: £192.2 billion. Estimated cost to install chargers across UK: £45.9 billion. Estimated jobs supported by decarbonisation investment: 115,780. Estimated network reinforcement cost by 2050: £48.5 billion. Based on SPEN analyisis, the co-ordinated and strategic use of SMART planning and active management techniques has the potential to reduce overall reinforcement costs by 30-40%.

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