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Understanding the transport, heat and energy infrastructure that communities across the UK need to reach Net Zero>/h2>

SP Energy Networks has been present in the Liverpool region for 25 years. Today, our network distributes electricity to around 550,000 homes and businesses in the region, working 24/7, 365 days a year with the aim of maintaining a constant supply.

We’re extremely proud to be providing the energy network infrastructure that will power the Liverpool City Region’s drive to zero carbon by 2040. This work, over the next 20 years, should prepare the network for the mass adoption of electric vehicles, electric heating and other low or zero carbon activities.

Preparing the Liverpool region for Net Zero will require large scale investment in electric vehicle charging points, electric heating, and many other projects to lower emissions from manufacturing, shipping and agriculture.

We’ve already set in train the planning and preparations for a range of projects that can help Liverpool on this journey. These include:

  • Installing public chargers for electric vehicles in the Baltic Triangle area
  • Building a network of electric vehicle charging points at commuter train stations across the Liverpool region
  • Setting aside funding for programmes that incentivise adoption of electric vehicles
  • Supporting the energy demands for a range of projects on Liverpool’s waterfront, including a 5MW heat network, a new cruise terminal for the city, and 30,000 new homes

Latest Updates

Zero Carbon Communities in Liverpool 

Today we launched our Zero Carbon Communities in Liverpool. The Liverpool City Region is a Net Zero pioneer – one of the few local authorities in England to have set a more ambitious net zero goal, aiming to reach this milestone by 2040.