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World EV Day

The Transition to Electric Transport.

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At ScottishPower, we’re working to speed up the switch to electric transport.

Accelerate the race to net zero

It’s a change for the better – for colleagues, for the company, and for the environment.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved on our green journey so far.

At ScottishPower, our commitment to speeding up the switch to electric transport doesn’t stop. We’ve helped bring almost one-third of the UK’s renewable electricity onto the grid and we’re already working closely with communities and strategic partnerships to achieve their net zero plans. Inside ScottishPower, our EV fleet scheme has accelerated the transition to electric vehicles across our businesses.  And, we’ve incentivised employees to make the personal choice to switch to an EV.

The electrification of transport is a big task, but we’re committed to delivering a better future, quicker for everyone. By taking the right approach now, we believe the UK can help tackle climate change and accelerate the race to net zero.

ScottishPower Renewables

Developing renewable energy responsibly 

For over 20 years, we’ve been pioneers of onshore and offshore wind across the UK. And we’ve invested billions in our windfarms.

There’s no point driving a clean car if the fuel isn’t green, and that’s why we generate only 100% green electricity. It’s also why we continue to invest in UK wind projects to increase the amount of clean energy available.

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ScottishPower Retail

A greener way to drive

World EV Day

At ScottishPower we offer safe, smart charging solutions for your electric vehicle needs. Whether you require fast charging at home or bespoke solutions designed for your business, we can help every step of the way. From the design and supply of chargers, to installation and ongoing support, our products and services allow you to charge quickly and conveniently around your schedule. We’re also developing a network of public charge points across the UK –  so wherever your journey takes you, we can help keep you fully charged.

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SP Energy Networks

Preparing and planning for the future

World EV Day

Our electricity distribution and transmission business keeps the power flowing for over 3.5m homes and businesses. It’s at the heart of enabling the decarbonisation and electrification of transport that is vital towards tackling climate change and hitting the UK, Welsh and Scottish Government’s ambitious net zero targets. SP Energy Networks celebrates European Mobility Week by shining a light on just some of the cutting-edge projects its people are leading on to drive towards a cleaner, greener electric future that everyone can benefit from.

From helping community transport groups transition from diesel to EVs and supporting councils in their ambitions to move to electric buses, through the £20m SPEN Green Economy Fund, to partnering with Transport Scotland to deliver over 40 public EV charging hubs in places people need them most, there is so much more to SPEN than keeping the lights on.

Read more about these and other game changer projects such as EV-Up, Project Charge and how the EV transition could unlock more than 30,000 jobs across the UK.