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Wholesale Energy Markets

At ScottishPower we believe that fair and transparent wholesale energy markets are in the best long-term interests of all stakeholders, especially our customers.

If you own micro-generation such as domestic photo-voltaic panels and are interested in selling the output to ScottishPower, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please contact our Energy Retail business, either by telephone on 0845 270 1414 or by email at

Wholesale Energy Trading

ScottishPower believes that fair market access should be available to all wholesale market participants regardless of size or experience. Indeed, we have established bilateral trading relationships with a wide range of independent suppliers and generators where we provide access to a number of commodities, in a variety of trade sizes, across a range of delivery timeframes. This is made possible by our own comprehensive market access capability which covers both the OTC and exchange traded spaces where we are active on the Epex Spot, ICE and Nord Pool platforms.

Whether you are a retail supplier, thermal generator, renewable generator or indeed a combination of these and require wholesale market access please contact us via our Trading Manager, Sohail Shakoor who would be happy to hear from you. Sohail can be contacted on