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WesternLink HVDC Project – About to become reality

Delivering low carbon energy – first ever bi-directional subsea interconnector

The Western Link project, one of engineering's greatest challenges, is about to become reality. After months of work, the longest subsea direct current cable in the world has reached land. Now work needs to continue on the tasks to complete the final connections.

This achievement has been a decisive part of the project, a joint operation between SP Energy Networks and the National Grid, involving an investment of £1.3billion which will secure electricity for the whole of the UK, allowing electricity to flow north and south, taking low carbon energy to where it is needed.

"This world leading project is of real importance to the UK and represents a major engineering challenge."  Frank Mitchell CEO, SP Energy Networks

The project, due to finish towards the end of this year, means an increase of 2,200 MW of energy to the UK grid.

Watch the special video feature below to see why, SP Energy Networks is very proud to be involved in this innovative and exciting project. It is a clear example of Iberdrola’s commitment to investing in the UK and the end result will be a critical part of Britain’s energy system for the next 40 years.

WesternLink HVDC - at a glance

  • £1.3bn investment, part of RIIO – T1
  • More than 380km of subsea interconnector cables
  • Operating at 600kV, providing an additional 2,200MW of capacity
  • Capable of transferring power in either direction
  • Employing 450 employees and contractors
  • Operational: Q4 2017
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