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Iberdrola Group's FIS Programme

To help ScottishPower make an even bigger difference to our customers, the Iberdrola Group has made its largest ever single IT investment.

The Iberdrola Goup's Fully Integrated System (FIS) Programme has replaced over 80 legacy systems with one single customer information and account management system.


The Iberdrola Group’s FIS Programme is a platform for growth that helps us meet the challenges of today and the future.

The introduction of new SAP driven technology is important to us. Providing a single UK customer database system, it lets us make real improvements in our Retail areas such as Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Energy Services, Operations and Metering.

Why now? Well, as the energy industry evolves and innovates, we recognise the need to continually adapt and respond to regulatory and government demands. But more than that - customers’ expectations are increasing and the focus is moving from simply supplying energy to the provision of energy services. At ScottishPower, to continue to gain customers and meet our commitments to them (including helping them to find the best deal for them and to be energy efficient) we have to develop and stay competitive. This means:

  • Maintaining our focus on service excellence
  • Offering innovative products and services
  • Being agile enough to adapt to changes across the market
  • Driving efficiencies by eliminating unnecessary complexity and duplication.

Size and scale

If there was ever an example of our global team working together, it’s with the Iberdrola Group’s FIS programme. There have been over 340 people involved, including business and IT experts, speaking an incredible 17 different languages across a number of international locations.

The programme had six distinct phases, from initial scope through to delivery and ongoing support. The first two phases, seeing the initial conception and establishment of the programme through to the blueprint solution design, are now complete. Also complete is the next phase focused on detailed design and build of the system along with testing. The final stage, recently completed, was migrating accounts from legacy systems in a phased approach.


The new technology will provide ScottishPower Retail with the competitive advantage of being able to respond quickly to the changing market. We will also be able to utilise the technology to succinctly match products and services to specific customers - ultimately improving our service and hopefully making a world of difference to our customers.

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