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Our Communities

The communities we serve, and operate in, all have a critical role to play in the transition to Net Zero. We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to the energy transition is not feasible; communities across rural and urban environments, in different political settings and with varied levels of national or local government support, will face different challenges in achieving Net Zero targets and we must ensure that nobody is left behind.

We are already making a difference:

We have a long legacy of going the extra mile for our communities and take great pride in developing meaningful partnerships to empower our communities, strengthen local economies and providing energy security. Some of the initiatives we’ve supported in recent years include:


  • Awarding over £60 million to date to local groups, through our 36 Community benefit funds, empowering UK communities, neighbouring our windfarms, to serve the needs of their local area
  • Contributing to low carbon job creation and transport infrastructure through our £20 million Green Economy Fund and developed the world’s first Zero Carbon Communities tool -designed to support individuals and communities interested in reducing the carbon footprint and maximising benefits from a net zero future.
  • Providing £50 million in community funding, over the last 10 years, through the ScottishPower Foundation (a registered charity), staff charity fund matching, and our strategic affinity partnership with CRUK.

Strategy & policy

  • Creating our Just Transition Strategy, strengthening our strategy principles to create positive outcomes for our communities, customers, and employees
  • Embedding a community energy strategy into our ScottishPower Distribution Business plans, in partnership with the UK’s three national Community Energy Charities and funding the delivery of their annual ‘state of the sector’ community energy reporting.



Our Communities Targets


33% increase in employee volunteering by 2030


Installation of 12,650 Public EV charging points by 2030


Raising £40 million for Cancer Research UK


Deliver over £100m in community benefit funding to communities over the lifetime of our onshore windfarms


£25 million benefits to vulnerable And disadvantaged customers in fuel poverty and to support the low carbon transition to net zero in our Distribution Network by 2028


Sustainable Development Strategy – Action 2030

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