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Suppliers' Ethics Mailbox

Suppliers of the Company and the companies they hire to provide services may report any conduct they believe to be a breach of the Suppliers' Code of Ethics,  or any wrongful, criminal or illegal acts they become aware of due to their commercial relationship with the Company.

Suppliers can do this by e-mailing the ScottishPower Compliance Division directly, or by making a report by phone or via a secure website, through our external communication tool SpeakUp.

Phone: 0800-169-3502


ScottishPower Access Code (for both services): 45042

All reports will be treated as confidential within the Compliance Divison. Reports can be made anonymously, although we encourage whistle-blowers to name themselves where they are comfortable doing so, as this can allow for a fuller investigation of issues.

All reports will be thoroughly investigated, with feedback provided where appropriate..

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