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Stakeholder Engagement

ScottishPower believes that it is important to engage with our many stakeholder groups regularly, in order to build and maintain positive relations and to better understand their views on our business.

The groups involved most regularly in our stakeholder engagement strategy include the following:

The AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard 2008 (AA1000APS)

The AA1000APS provides a framework for organisations to identify, prioritise and respond to their sustainability challenges.

Iberdrola adheres to the AA1000APS’s three principles:

  • Inclusivity For an organisation that accepts its accountability to those on whom it has an impact and who have an impact on it, inclusivity is the participation of stakeholders in developing and achieving an accountable and strategic response to sustainability.
  • Materiality Materiality is determining the relevance and significance of an issue to an organisation and its stakeholders. A material issue is an issue that will influence the decisions, actions and performance of an organisation or its stakeholders.
  • Responsiveness Responsiveness is an organisation’s response to stakeholder issues that affect its sustainability performance and is realised through decisions, actions and performance, as well as communication with stakeholders.

Iberdrola is implementing the AA1000 Assurance Standard in order to systematically and rigorously manage engagement with its stakeholders in accordance with the above principles, through a process that is subject to independent external assurance. The standard is now fully established at corporate level across the Group, and within a significant portion of its businesses.

Iberdrola has consolidated preferred channels of communication with these groups in order to identify the most significant issues and to provide a reasonable response.