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ScottishPower Foundation Scholarship Candidates Announced

Call for Postgraduate Studies in Energy and Environment in the United Kingdom Of ScottishPower Foundation

2016 Call

Final list of selected candidates:

ScottishPower Foundation selected candidates:

  • Bruce, Katherine (University Of Cambridge)
  • Clegg, Laura (University Of Strathclyde)
  • Cook, Charles (Imperial College London)
  • Crichton, Emma (University Of Liverpool)
  • Davies, Una (University Of Cambridge)
  • Keogh, Lloyd (University Of Strathclyde)
  • Lockyer, Robyn (University Of Edinburgh)
  • Longbottom, Edward (University Of Glasgow)
  • Matless, Connor (University Of East Anglia)
  • McGinley, Declan (University Of Strathclyde)
  • McKenzie, Taylor (University Of Edinburgh)
  • McKinlay, Charles (University Of East Anglia)
  • McLarty, Heather (University Of Strathclyde)
  • Mills, Juliet (University Of East Anglia)
  • Paterson, Christie (University Of Edinburgh)
  • Schmidt-Hansen, Aleksander (University Of Edinburgh)
  • Thornton, Esmee (University Of East Anglia)
  • Williams, Elin (University Of Strathclyde)

ScottishPower Foundation substitutes list:

  • Crook, Ellie (University Of Liverpool)
  • Lowans, Chris (Imperial College London)
  • Morgan, Patrick (University Of Edinburgh)
  • Shand, Theo (University Of Edinburgh)

The Foundations of the Iberdrola Group have also awarded the following students Scholarships in the UK:

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