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SP Smart MAP

Our ScottishPower Smart MAP (Meter Asset Provider) business finances and manages 3 million smart meters across Great Britain. Established in 2017, our team comprises of procurement, commercial, technical and operational specialists.

Today, we’re recognised as a major Meter Asset Provider (MAP), thanks to our strong performance in the energy industry and being part of the wider Iberdrola Group. We’re focused on significantly growing our asset portfolio to meet the needs of our energy customers, using a diverse global supply chain.

Our Smart MAP business plays an active role in the smart meter rollout programme, with our smart meters used by energy suppliers across the market.


Click here to find any relevant manufacturer product updates for our meters, how to source firmware, how to return meters and lots more.


The long-term smart meter rollout investment forms a key part of ScottishPower’s Green Future vision and the push towards a more sustainable energy system.

At Smart MAP we play an integral role in providing people with more control over their energy usage. With our smart meters, households and businesses can track their energy usage and adopt better energy habits to help lower bills, cut carbon emissions and switch suppliers with ease.

By making it easier for energy consumers to lower their usage, we can help the UK to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


  • Provide smart metering asset financing and management services with a multi-source supply chain.
  • Assure rigorous and secure testing processes for all our assets to guarantee full device compliance.
  • Significant asset tracking capabilities and logistics management across our global supply chain.
  • Service our customer throughout the smart metering asset lifecycle, offering latest advanced digital metering technology.



Our organisation is founded on robust governance. Through our knowledgeable and trusted team of experts, we have established excellent working relationships with our energy customers and a global network of manufacturers.

Commercial - We have steadily built strong commercial relationships with our energy suppliers and strive to provide high standards of customer service. We have also built a global network of smart meter manufacturers to ensure we are offering the latest smart metering technology. Our dedicated device assurance team ensures quality and stability across our asset portfolio.

Logistics – We manage the end-to-end smart meter lifecycle, including forward and reverse logistics, recycling and disposal. We have incorporated a central warehousing capability to provide further resilience within our supply chain and built rigorous control mechanisms and risk assessment through the entire supply chain.

Operations – Our Operations Team provide the core data management processes for full on-the-wall customer management of our metering estate, from managing high volumes of flows to tracking movements from customer churn, always focused on providing a high standard of customer relationship management.

Technical support – Our highly experienced technical team work closely with our smart meter manufacturers through all onboarding activities of new assets and continually review the evolution of the metering estate. Our purpose-built remote test laboratory provides an invaluable facility to quickly identify and diagnose any suspected manufacturing faults through both testing and metering lifecycle.


We have developed a wide range of commercial partnerships. This helps drive the long-term success of our asset management strategy and provides protection and risk management throughout the asset lifecycle.

Our key partnerships also help us to drive the digital revolution of the smart metering technology and ensure our customers can utilise all the functional capability available from our smart metering portfolio.


Commercial Team:

Operations Team