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SP Energy Networks Investment

Over the last 10 years, ScottishPower has invested £5.5bn on our transmission and distribution network. This has helped us:

  • Improve security of supply
  • Reduce supply interruptions (by 29%)
  • Reduce the duration of interruptions (by 18%)

And during the next 10 years, we will invest a further £7bn to modernise the network and achieve even greater efficiency.

In 2013, we announced opportunities in regards to SP Energy Networks investment. This set out to create 4,000 jobs in engineering, an extra 2,500 on top of the 1,500 announced in 2012.

All of this means that the electricity network is better equipped now to withstand periods of severe weather.

ScottishPower is also investing £6.5 million in grassroots skills development. This investment will range from developing pre-apprentice schools programmes, to establishing technical partnerships with colleges and universities, all the way through to the sponsorship of specialist post graduate scholarships.

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