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ScottishPower Foundation General Grant Applications

Thank you for your interest in the ScottishPower Foundation.


 We anticipate that the next round of applications for funding in 2023 will open in July 2022. Please check back for more details. 


We particularly welcome applications that will support the most vulnerable people in society. Your application must address at least one of the ScottishPower Foundation’s strategic aims:

  • Education, Training and Research
    To support education, training and research in general, prioritising innovation in order to contribute to energy sustainability.
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change
    To support the protection of the environment and to increase biodiversity, to actively contribute in the fight against climate change.
  • Art and Culture 
    To protect and safeguard artistic and cultural heritage by promoting conservation and restoration of the arts and supporting local development.
  • Social Initiatives
    To contribute to sustainable human development by supporting the most vulnerable people and groups.

In addition to addressing at least one of our strategic aims, all of the following statements must apply to your organisation:

  • You have an active board of at least three unrelated trustees
  • You have been registered with one of the UK Charity Regulators for at least one full year 
  • You have at least one year of published accounts covering a 12-month operating period that show as received on the relevant charity regulator website
  • Your income in the last set of published accounts was greater than £50,000
  • The bank account into which the funding is to be made is not based in a restricted country (i.e. tax haven, high corruption risk or sanctioned country)

How to apply

1. Eligibility form

The Eligibility form clearly sets out the criteria for this round of funding and will allow you to determine whether your organisation is eligible to apply. You must confirm that you meet the criteria in order to progress to the application form. 

2. Application form

Once you have successfully passed the eligibility stage, you will receive an email with a link to the application form. You can save the progress of your application as you go along and can revisit it at any point up until you click 'submit’. 

What supporting documentation is required?

  • Your Articles of Association
  • Your most recent published annual accounts covering a 12-month operating period, that show as received on the relevant Charity Regulator website.  Your income shown in these accounts should be greater than £50,000
  • Your written policy on Safeguarding (if your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults). Please note that we are examining your policy in our capacity as a funder only and not in any advisory capacity. Our review of your policy should not be relied on as an endorsement of it
  • A letter from your CEO or the Chair of your Board of Trustees confirming that your Safeguarding policy has been reviewed by your Board of Trustees within the last two years
  • Evidence of planning and/or all necessary consents (if your project includes any building work or land development that requires consent).