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Returner Programme

ScottishPower is excited to announce the launch of their 2021/2022 Returner Programme 

The Programme provides ALL candidates who have taken a career break of two years or more with opportunities to re-enter the STEM industry, last year we broadened the criteria to include candidates who have had a role in STEM which has been directly impacted by Covid19 and with the pandemic still having a big impact on the job market, we are delighted to be doing the same this year.

The programme helps applicants refresh their existing skills and knowledge while building their confidence in a working environment through a structured pathway. 

ScottishPower’s Social Projects and Sector Education Manager, Mairi Elder comments: "There is a skills shortage in the UK, particularly in STEM roles. As we navigate through the energy transition this Programme allows us to bring STEM talent back into the workplace helping bridge that gap. The Programme offers a great opportunity to gain valuable experience across a broad range of critical projects, driving the UK’s green recovery and delivering a better future, quicker, for everyone.”

Sean Russell, ScottishPower Renewables

Like many others out there, my last role came to an end as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was incredibly lucky that the ScottishPower Returner Programme had been opened up to those whose careers had been impacted by the pandemic.

My initial role within Operations and Maintenance afforded me great flexibility and trust in my existing skills and abilities, while my manager provided me excellent support, mentoring and also guidance for my future career.

6 months into my placement I was encouraged by my manager to apply for a position which had become available in another team within the business, which I was successful in securing. I now work in a permanent role in the company’s Technical Services team. In my short time at ScottishPower I have been provided a massive amount of support and guidance and I have learned a lot.

It is also clear that no matter what team you are in, the company has great respect and faith in their employees abilities. From the moment I joined I felt welcomed by everyone I met and I haven’t looked back.

There is so much opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge whether that be through the training offered, through collaborating with your colleagues or through the role itself. I couldn’t recommend the programme more and ScottishPower is certainly a fantastic company to be a part of in a very exciting industry.

Viktoriia Kosenko, Retail, Digital Team

I came to the UK in 2015. Not only I didn’t know the language, but my qualification and experience in accountancy were also irrelevant here. After 4 years I was ready to start working again.


During the hard pandemic time, it was a blessing to get into the Returner program at SP. After a long retraining journey, this program allowed me to break into tech and do what I love and enjoy doing. We don’t succeed on our own. Behind my success stands huge teamwork: loads of help from colleagues and their immense support, good culture, and inclusion policy of the organisation. Without all these, I wouldn’t be able to land a permanent position at ScottishPower, for which I am eternally grateful. Returner Program was my lucky ticket to a career I dream about.


The programme provides:

  • A paid placement for 9-12 months, starting salary of £28,400 plus benefits
  • An opportunity to work on some of ScottishPower’s innovative projects
  • Sociable/Virtual meetings with previous Returners on the Programme
  • A supportive induction and regular meetings with a line manager
  • Flexible working patterns
  • Opportunities to develop and update skills
  • Confidence building workshops delivered by external partners
  • A business mentor to support you throughout the Programme
  • Guidance from a Returners Programme Manager to help with CV writing and applications

To apply you will have to meet the following criteria:

  • had a career break of at least 2 years OR have had a STEM role that has been impacted by Covid-19.
  • be qualified in and/or have relevant work experience in one of the following areas; digital, engineering, renewable energy, data analysis, project management, finance, technology, environmental or sustainability.