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Purchase Orders & Invoices

View all the details of your orders, payments and invoices

Here we want to provide our suppliers with full information on the status of their orders and invoices; and the applications available for querying and accessing their information.

Contracts, Orders & Invoices

If you are already a supplier and have a contractual relationship with the Iberdrola group, you can view all the information relating to the purchasing process and, therefore, find out the status of your orders and invoices from “My information application” (exclusively for and restricted to Iberdrola group suppliers).

To access your information, you first need to register, by entering the basic supplier data.

Supplier Creation Request

After registering, you will be able to access the SRM application, where you can view:

  • Orders / framework contracts: find out the status of your orders or framework agreements; see if they have been accepted or rejected. Generate originals and copies of your orders / framework agreements.
  • Invoices and payments: see the status of your invoices and payments (both those entered and those planned).

Access my orders and invoices

All the information is confidential to the companies in the Iberdrola group and its suppliers, and corresponds to the information that is on record in the Iberdrola group information system when viewed.

Access to the environment is completely secure: all possible technical precautions have been taken to ensure the absolute confidentiality and accuracy of the information viewed.

The Iberdrola group takes no responsibility for any consequences that, for reasons beyond its control, might arise from the misuse of the information or manipulation by third parties of the information that is displayed here.

User Guides (e-manuals)

Access to the SRM application — Suppliers Relationship Management — is centred around one single username and one single password for your company.

Since there may be several people in your organisation who access the application to view different information, it is recommended that you create a Coordinator to manage the username and password and create different contact persons in the tool.

To understand the role of these contact people and the Coordinator, and how the system treats them, we have provided this manual. We recommend that you consult it before using the application.

Coordinator & Contact Person Management Manual

The manuals on how to make queries and navigate the tool can be found inside the application.


With the aim of advancing our goal of reducing our carbon footprint, contributing to greater protection of the environment and improving the efficiency and management of our procedures, the Iberdrola group is inviting its suppliers to join e-Billing as the way to issue invoices to group companies.

This method of invoicing offers the following advantages:

  • Shorter invoice confirmation time.
  •  Less expenditure on postage.
  • Simplified administration: no risk of documents going astray or errors in the recording process.

E-Billing the Iberdrola group is done through the channel, so we ask those interested in joining this system to please contact CAS ( for further information.

In addition, we remind you that the SELF-REGISTRATION of invoices as an invoicing method will cease in the near future, so the suppliers that use it will have to decide whether to move to e-BILLING or return to sending printed invoices to the group offices.

Invoice Self-Registration

Automatic recording of invoices in Iberdrola's purchasing system, without the need to send in documents by post.

Here you can access the SRM application, where you can register and manage your invoices:

Access to invoice self-registration

This feature will shortly be withdrawn, so we ask users to please contact CAS ( for information on the implementation of e-billing as the method for sending invoices to the Iberdrola group.

User Guides (e-manuals)

Here you can find the user manuals for the SRM application, which will guide you through the invoice entry process, and show you how to view and print them:

Note: Current access to Purchase orders & invoices information is for contracts that were tendered through SRM system and for contracts in which suppliers submitted the tender in SAP Ariba/IBuy, this functionality will be introduced in the coming months.