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Pupils aim high for their future with support from ScottishPower Foundation

60 young school pupils, from across East Lothian, began 2015 in style when they became the first group of learners in East Scotland to graduate from the Children’s University Scotland (CU).

Dressed in full graduation gowns the  ceremony, held at Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, celebrated the achievements of the young people who have completed the CU bronze , silver or gold level awards.

Funded by the ScottishPower Foundation, the CU’s mission is to “Inspire to Aspire” by creating an extra-curricular learning programme which takes education outside the classroom. CU participants are presented with a diverse menu of learning options  and each time a  child completes an activity, he/she receives a stamp in his/her CU ‘Passport to Learning’; one hour of learning equals one CU credit. Once sufficient credits have been accrued, the young person is awarded with a CU Certificate of Achievement.

Independent evaluation by the University of Cambridge has confirmed that participation in CU significantly improves school attendance; increases levels of attainment (across all subject areas) and raises aspirations. It also builds confidence and nurtures critical life skills such as the ability to work as part of a team, effective communication, resilience, and initiative – attributes highly prized by employers in later life.

Through the initiative the young people develop an ethos for self-learning, raising their aspirations and encouraging them to learn in different ways.

With more than 1,400 young people across East & Mid Lothian have already signed up to the CU through Queen Margaret University so the ceremony marks the start of many that will take place in 2015!

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