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Prepare For The Future

Naturally, as well as providing power to the world, a career at ScottishPower will help you prepare for the future. We recognise the importance of forward planning and are pleased to give you the opportunity to join a competitive, flexible and tax-efficient pension plan.

Our plan is a valuable part of what we think of as Your Total Reward, and we encourage all our employees to make saving for retirement a priority. In order to make this easier for you, we top up the savings you make for retirement by matching and doubling what you pay into the plan – essentially free money that you wouldn’t otherwise get. You have the option to pay either 3%, 4% or 5% and the Company will pay double your contribution i.e. 6%, 8% or 10%.

You'll receive tax relief on the contributions you pay into the plan and you’ll also be provided with Life Assurance cover of 4x salary at no-additional cost.

Did you also know that through our share incentive plan, over time you can build up a significant stake in the Iberdrola Group and benefit from valuable tax and National Insurance savings? You have the opportunity to buy Iberdrola S.A. shares (Partnership Shares) up to a maximum value of £125 per month and the company pays all the commission costs for you. In addition, the company will give you one free Matching Share for each Partnership Share that you buy (up to a maximum value of £50 worth of Partnership Shares each month).