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Outstanding Borrowings

ScottishPower’s debt financing is a combination of external and intercompany borrowings. The following publicly tradable bonds and private placements have been issued by ScottishPower Group companies and are therefore currently outstanding borrowings:

Issuer: Scottish Power UK plc

ISIN Currency Notional Principal
Coupon Date of
XS0073359548 GBP 200 8.375% 20/02/1997 20/02/2017
Private Placement GBP 300 5.9% 22/02/2001 (1) 22/02/2021
XS0087240163 GBP 250 6.750% 29/05/1998 29/05/2023
XS0118775591 GBP 175 3.494% 13/10/2000 (2) 13/10/2024
Private Placement JPY 10,000 4.6% 26/07/1999 27/07/2029
XS0104644983 GBP 50 5.750% 09/12/1999 09/12/2039
XS0129647813 GBP 100 6.375% 31/05/2001 31/05/2041

(1) Private placement issued in 2 tranches on 22 February 2001 and 21 June 2001

(2) Inflation linked debt, issued in a total of three tranches. Taps on 22 January 2001 and 12 February 2001

Issuer: SP Distribution plc(3)

ISIN Currency Notional Principal
Coupon Date of
Maturity Prospectus
XS0649291944 GBP 350 5.875% 18/07/2011 17/07/2026 1) SPDF offering circular
2) SPDF issuer substitution

(3) Notes were originally issued by SPD Finance UK plc. With effect from the 30 September 2014 the original issuer was substituted by SP Distribution plc

Issuer: SP Manweb plc

ISIN Currency Notional Principal
Coupon Date of
Maturity Prospectus
XS0828007277 GBP 350 4.875% 20/09/2012 20/09/2027 Manweb Offering Circular
with accounts

Warning: this information was last updated on 30th September 2015.

Yankee Bonds

In 2005 Scottish Power Limited (formerly Scottish Power plc) issued US$1,500m of Yankee bonds. The bonds had maturities of 5, 10 and 20 years and for notional amounts of US$550m (4.91%, ISIN US81013TAA97), US$600m (5.375% ISIN US81013TAB70) and US$350m (5.81% ISIN US81013TAC53) respectively. Following the takeover of Scottish Power Limited by Iberdrola S.A. in April 2007, to help manage the enlarged group’s structural subordination position, the bonds were transferred on 24 October 2007 under a change of obligor to Iberdrola International BV a 100% irrevocably guaranteed subsidiary of Iberdrola S.A.

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