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Our Customer Engagement Plan

Which? has run a campaign to encourage energy suppliers to help customers find better deals. They challenged all energy suppliers to publish a plan by end January 2017 on how they will help standard tariff customers find better deals.

We responded with our Customer Engagement Plan, endorsed by Colin McNeill, UK Retail Director. Which? posted our plan on their websites as part of 14 CEO endorsed plans under 'Campaigns / Fair Energy Prices'.

As well as having the detailed written plan we have also created an infographic and animation to bring our Customer Engagement Plan to life which are available below.

Watch the Video Guide

All of these initiatives in our Customer Engagement Plan are designed to ensure as many customers as possible are on the best deal for them. That’s why with each of our trials, we will be monitoring their progress closely and making improvements along the way. We will update Which? regularly on our progress.