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Useful information

Here you’ll find any relevant manufacturer product updates for our meters, how to source firmware, how to return meters and lots more.

Manufacturer Updates

Here you’ll find any relevant manufacturer product updates for our meters.

Aclara issued a product update in June 2022 on the Flonidan UniFlo G4SZV-2 / G4SDZV-2. For more detail and the action to take if you supply any of the affected meters, please contact us on

Meters Returns Process

Please review the attached pamphlet from our triage provider, Dragon.

This details the correct process for packaging and labelling our meters should you need to remove and return them to us.

Install Codes

An install code is a code generated by the manufacturer, which is then held by the supplier, usually on their MDMS systems.

It is used to complete the commissioning process, during the installation of a SMART meter. The install code on the meter needs to match the install code on the 8.11 service request in order for the device to join the HAN (Home-Area Network).

It’s usually required by the new supplier when a customer changes supply in the Change of Supply gain process.

If a SMETS 2 meter churns to you and you require an install code to allow you to add security certificates to the meter, please contact the original supplier for this code. If you have any issues with obtaining the code for a SMETS 2 meter, please contact us on for assistance.


Please email us on to obtain contact details for all our meter manufacturers who will be able to send you information regarding firmware upgrades for our SMETS 2 meters.

Industry Flows

Please send Electricity flows via the Data Transfer Network (DTN) and email Gas flows to Please ensure that the name of the file begins SPG01.


Please send remittances relating to rental or ETC invoice payment to

Please email validation / invoicing queries to

Meter Rental Agreements

Should you wish to discuss moving from deemed terms to contract rental prices, please contact us;

Billy Horne – Commercial Manager –

Judith Devlin  - Contract Manager –

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