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Lisa Moir - Career Journey

Lisa Moir Portrait

Lisa Moir – Hydrogen Business Services Manager

I’ve been at ScottishPower for nearly 13 years, and in that time I think it’s fair to say we’ve seen vast changes in the energy sector – both in our own industry practises and in the public’s support for going greener.

My ScottishPower career started in 2010 as a Business Analyst. From there I moved into an IT role before becoming Non-Operational Site Lead in 2016, based at Longannet Power Station. Longannet was once Europe’s biggest coal-fired powerstation and I had responsibility for helping the site transition after it’s closure.

There was always a sense of importance and status surrounding Longannet and its role in national history as Scotland’s largest power station. However, the only feasible future is the adoption of green, renewable energy. Longannet’s demolition marked a significant step in the UK’s transition away from fossil fuel.

Since my career at ScottishPower began, I’m proud to say that we now only generate 100% green electricity through our wind and solar farms. With the significant renewables investments we’ve made, ScottishPower is also a major driver of growth in these sectors – which, in turn, will be transformative for Scotland over the next decade.

There’s a sense of pride that comes with working for an organisation that is actively creating and delivering new green jobs, as well as tangible benefits for local communities. Much of our work is focused on the decarbonisation of both industry and society to reduce the worst effects of climate change, and a key aspect of this is the work we’re doing to develop new technologies such as green hydrogen, smart solutions, and energy solutions.

I’m part of this journey in my new job in ScottishPower’s hydrogen team, where my role focuses on the development of innovative, alternative green fuels.

Our flagship project is Whitelee’s green hydrogen production, where we’re demonstrating how clean, zero-emission hydrogen can be produced and used at a commercial scale.

This programme is playing a key role in supporting Glasgow’s ambition to be the first city in the UK to achieve Net Zero by 2030 – with readily available green hydrogen capable of powering industries and fleets in and around the city serving as a crucial part of making that vision a reality.

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