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Graduate Programme Recruitment Process

The ScottishPower Graduate Programme Recruitment Process aims to create a positive recruitment and selection experience for every employee and prospective employee, across every part of our business and for every level of post.

ScottishPower Graduate Programme Recruitment Process - Stage 1 Online Application     ScottishPower Graduate Programme Recruitment Process - Stage 2 Online Testing & Telephone Interview     ScottishPower Graduate Programme Recruitment Process - Stage 3 Assessment Centre

Online Application Form

  • Capture your contact details, educational and work experience as well as asking a few questions to ensure our programme is right for you

Online Testing

  • Psychometric tests which look at your numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning
  • Online situational judgement test which is matched against the competences we feel are key for our graduates

Assessment Centre

  • These will be held in our training facilities either in Cumbernauld or Hoylake
  • Conducted over the course of a full day where a number of different exercises are used to assess those behaviours most important to ScottishPower
  • This may include:
    • A competency-based interview
    • An analytical presentation exercise
    • Group exercise

Don’t worry, if you need to prepare anything in advance we will let you know.

To ensure you get the best out of the application process, we recommend you read these helpful hints and tips before completing and submitting your online application.

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