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Future Connections

Future Connections

Launched in 2018, Future Connections - ScottishPower’s first employee network - was created as an employee–led network to bring together people from across the business with an appetite to communicate and learn about activities in other business areas.

People with a desire to connect with like-minded individuals, and the drive to collaborate and take ownership of their career development to collectively access the skills, knowledge and resources available within the company to further individual personal development.

Future Connections

Future ConnectionsMeet Future Connections Member, Christie

“I joined the network for the opportunity to broaden and deepen my professional skills by taking on challenges outside the learning space my job offers.  For me, there have been two major benefits. Firstly I have hugely developed my professional skills while expanding my knowledge of the different business areas. Secondly, I have massively benefitted from the platform this group provides to expand your personal network. Future Connection contacts have introduced me to exciting new work streams allowing me to continue my personal development both in and outwith the forum.”

Christie - Offshore Environmental Manager, IBERDROLA Renewables, 3 years