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Experienced Engineers

We currently have a wide range of opportunities available for experienced Engineers within SP Energy Networks. The roles are based in Central and Southern Scotland and North West England and Wales. These include:

Project Engineer/Senior Project Engineer

Project Management and delivery of capital investment projects. Projects may be customer related, reinforcement or asset replacement. In addition to project management experience, ideally the candidate should be operationally authorised as SAP (Senior Authorised Person) to 33kV, although a small number of posts would be considered with just project/programme management elements.

Control Engineer/Senior Control Engineer

Experienced Network Control Engineer with capability of providing support to field staff on switching and safety operations, analysis of network conditions, remote switching and control of a distribution network. Previous experience of being SAP (Senior Authorised Person) would be advantageous.

Design Engineer/Senior Design Engineer

Capable of undertaking network analysis to design extensions for the existing Distribution Network up to 132kV and model impact of new load or distributed generation. Design of network reconfiguration to accommodate general load growth or movement and consolidated impact of distributed generation.

Automation Engineer/Senior Automation Engineer

Working with new technologies and system integration associated with SCADA and equipment protocols, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), radio communication technology (both private and public clouds), automation logic, data mining, plant actuators, legacy Network Controllable Points (NCP) equipment and architectures. The Automation team is responsible for our equipment asset-base, development and integration of new technology solutions and influencing the strategic direction of automation systems on the distribution network.

SCADA Engineer/Senior SCADA Engineer

A technical expert who is responsible for our SCADA systems operational integrity, reliability and high service availability for both Transmission and Distribution business critical networks 24 hours per day, every day of the year; providing support across our SP Energy Networks real time systems (RTS) application software, configuration, data, hardware and communications infrastructure. 

Innovation Engineer/Senior Innovation Engineer

Realising the benefits of applying new technological advancements with power engineering techniques and equipment, taking responsibility for delivery of cost effective network solutions, balanced with commercial and regulatory awareness which challenges existing SP Energy Networks policies and industry standards, the Innovation Engineer will support delivery of innovation projects and new technological and network solutions which enable SP Energy Networks to deliver a Low Carbon Network.

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