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Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and transparency are essential pillars of the Iberdrola Group and are values that we promote through the work of the ScottishPower Compliance Unit. The Regulations of the ScottishPower Compliance Unit require that the Unit will assess its effectiveness on an annual basis, as part of our ongoing commitment to the implementation and continuous improvement of a robust ethics and compliance system across the Company.

Following the example of our ultimate shareholder Iberdrola S.A., we are now publishing our first annual Compliance System Transparency Report, which summarises the key elements of our Compliance System and how they operated in 2022.

In order to promote ethics and transparency, we maintain a range of contact routes to enable employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders or other third parties to raise any concerns related to ScottishPower that might be contrary to the Governance and Sustainability system, law, or ScottishPower policy.

You can contact the ScottishPower Compliance Unit directly, or by making a report by phone or via a secure website, through our external communication tool SpeakUp.

Phone: 0800-169-3502

Website: (opens in a new window)

ScottishPower Access Code (for both services): 45042

All reports will be treated as confidential within the Compliance Unit. Reports can be made anonymously, although we encourage reporters to name themselves where they are comfortable doing so, as this can allow for a fuller investigation of issues.

Note, this reporting route is not suitable for any customer-service related contacts or complaints, which should instead be directed to our customer business at  

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