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Corporate Volunteering

ScottishPower is blessed to be a company filled with people who love to volunteer. In fact, we even have our own volunteering portal which highlights activities being delivered across the Iberdrola group, promotes local opportunities and helps employees to share their volunteering experiences.

We’re very proud that our employees are using their skills, knowledge and energy to support local organisations, charities and community groups making a real impact towards the work they do and the lives they enhance.

In addition to the volunteering opportunities we have in place throughout the UK all year round, we also participate in the following Group initiatives.

Iberdrola International Volunteering Day

Iberdrola International Volunteering Day was launched in 2010, and channels the charitable spirit of hundreds of employees in Spain, the US, Brazil, Mexico and the UK who join forces to complete a variety of projects across the five countries on the same day.


International Volunteering Holidays

In collaboration with Fundación Deporte Integra, Iberdrola offers employees the opportunity to take part in our international volunteering project - INVOLVE in Sao Paulo, Brazil or Mexico City, Mexico. The aim of INVOLVE is to train young people aged 12-16 in computing and presentation skills to help them develop new skills and gain confidence to change their lives and aspire for a better future.

Volunteers receive four months of training on the tools they will be teaching, as well as basic lessons in Portuguese or Spanish, before spending two weeks of their annual holiday entitlement in either Sao Paulo or Mexico City where they work with students in a fully equipped classroom that was specially designed for the project. On their return home, the volunteers then continue to provide online support to the students for a year.

The project is not only life changing for the students, but also for our employees who form close bonds with colleagues from around the world and come home with a great sense of achievement.

International Volunteering Holidays - The Brazil INVOLVE Team

For further information on the Group's unwavering commitment to improving society and Iberdrola´s International Corporate Volunteering Program, click the link below:

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