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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to doing business responsibly here at ScottishPower. The General Corporate Responsibility Policy  sets out the basic principles and general framework of action for managing Corporate Social Responsibility practices undertaken by the Company and the Group.

The policy is further developed and supplemented by various Social Responsibility Policies addressing the specific needs and expectations of stakeholders.

ScottishPower is represented on the Iberdrola CSR and Reputation Committee, which identifies and implements the most appropriate actions at Group and geographic levels to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

At ScottishPower, we are making clean energy work for you. That's why we're committed to focussing on the things that matter to you and changing things for the better.

At the heart of building and maintaining the trust of our many stakeholder groups is open and honest communication. That means being willing to listen, encouraging feedback and doing what we say we’ll do.

  • We’re committed to helping our customers become more energy efficient
  • We're committed to being socially aware and engaged in the community
  • We’re committed to helping customers find our best deal for them
  • We're committed to listening and making improvements to our service

If you have an enquiry related to ScottishPower’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities, please contact us at

If you have a question about how ScottishPower is working to protect and enhance the environment, please contact us at