As Principal Partner for COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference we’re asking people to share why COP26 and tackling climate change matters to them.


Read why our CEO, Keith Anderson, is proud of the work we’re doing to help the UK reach its world-leading climate change targets and why he’s looking forward to welcoming the most important climate summit in five years to Glasgow.

ScottishPower began its journey to becoming 100% green around 20 years ago. We took a pioneering decision to get rid of coal and fully commit to renewables. Today, it is part of our DNA.

This year, we’ll welcome the UN climate change conference, to our home City of Glasgow. In some ways, signing up as Principal Partner for COP26 feels like a fitting culmination of everything we’ve done to date. But we’re also aware that we are nowhere near the end of the journey. This isn’t a time for reflection, it’s time for action.

To help the UK hit its world-leading climate change targets, we know we need to redouble our efforts. It makes me proud to see our people going to extraordinary lengths to play their part. And we’re backing them by investing £10 billion over the next five years.

Ultimately, what keeps me motivated is that what we do makes a difference to people’s lives. In the year COP26 brings the world’s great and good to Glasgow, I’m feeling that mix of motivation and pride more than ever before.

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