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ScottishPower, together with University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow, are delighted to be hosting Connect with Climate Change Events, a virtual exchange series which will take place throughout 2021 in the run up to COP26.

About Connect with Climate Change

In advance of COP26 coming to Glasgow, ‘Connect with Climate Change’ offers a platform to engage with academics, students, public and businesses to share ideas and views on a range of climate change topics.

This series of virtual events will encourage “real time” discussions around the different climate issues and provides a forum where, through open dialogue, convention can be questioned and act as a catalyst for positive sustainable change.

To find out more about Connect with Climate Change and why you should attend  our virtual event series, watch this introduction with Victoria Sinclair, our COP 26 Programme Manager.

Next event

Raising ambition: A tale of two regions

Date:  29th June 2021 Time: 13:00

With over 80% of local governments declaring climate emergencies we can see high levels of ambition for local climate action in cities, rural areas, and island alike. Glasgow has been at the forefront of much media attention as they gear up to host COP26.

The city has a target of reaching climate neutrality by 2030, and the council has set up the Sustainable Glasgow Board to help deliver this. Orkney has also been hailed as leading the way on climate action, and over the past few decades has seen a plethora of innovation activity in the energy sector. Join us to explore how these regions are delivering on their climate ambitions, the challenges they face, and the role of their communities and citizens.


Future Events

Revisiting consumption for a climate friendly future

Date: August 2021 

A principal challenge to addressing the climate emergency is overconsumption. Consumption is embedded in our everyday lives, at the level of the individual, home, community, urban and wider national and global society. It involves the activities of multiple stakeholders whose actions and logics influence the consumer landscape. This is, therefore, important to consider the role of consumption and the consumer within a multi-stakeholder landscape involving, individuals, households, communities, service providers, business and policy makers. Join us for a conversation to explore key questions including: How can we transform current consumption behaviours? What do climate friendly consumption lifestyles look like? How can we support and embed behavioural transformation?

Carbon free commuting and connection: travel in our new normal

Date: September 2021

COP26: Did it deliver? Reconciling local needs and global goals

Date:TBC (Post COP26)

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An equitable and sustainable future for all: pipe dreams or real schemes? 

Join us to discuss how decarbonisation can happen in a fair, equitable and inclusive way that empowers communities and leaves no-one behind.

Watch the event video:


Climate Change – The Financial Conundrum of the Century

Learn what it means to for businesses to make climate-friendly financial decisions.

Ask the experts

As Part of our Connect with Climate Change series, we ask the experts for their views about current topics of interest.

In our first of our updates we asked expert Michael Mehling, Deputy Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy about what to expect from the COP26 Climate Change Summit in advance of it's arrival in Glasgow this November.