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The Composition of the Board of Directors

There are currently ten Directors which are members of the Board of Directors of Scottish Power Limited.  The Board comprises the Chairman (non-independent, non-executive director), the Vice-Chairman (independent, non-executive director), the Chief Executive Director, and seven non-executive directors (three non-independent directors and four independent directors).

The Board of Directors is currently made up of the following directors:

Mr. Ignacio S. GalánChairmanNon-Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. José Sáinz ArmadaMemberNon-Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. Keith Anderson Chief Executive OfficerNon-Independent, Executive
Professor Sir Jim McDonaldVice-ChairmanIndependent, Non-Executive
Mr Íñigo Fernández de Mesa VargasMemberIndependent, Non-Executive
Mr. Gerardo Codes CalatravaMemberNon-Independent, Non-Executive
Mrs. Wendy Barnes MemberIndependent, Non-Executive
Mr. Daniel Alcaín LópezMemberNon-Independent, Non-Executive
Professor Dame L. Anne Glover MemberIndependent, Non-Executive
Rt. Hon. Claire O’Neill MemberIndependent, Non-Executive

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is Ms. Marion Venman.