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The Composition of the Board of Directors

There are currently nine Directors which are members of the Board of Directors of Scottish Power Limited.  The Board comprises the Chairman (internal, non-executive director), the Vice-Chairman (external, non-executive director), the Chief Executive Officer, and six non-executive directors (three internal directors and three external directors).

The Board of Directors is currently made up of the following directors:

Mr. Ignacio S. GalánChairmanInternal, Non-Executive
Mr. José Sainz ArmadaMemberInternal, Non-Executive
Mr. Keith Anderson Chief Executive OfficerExecutive
Professor Sir Jim McDonaldVice-ChairmanExternal, Non-Executive
Mr Íñigo Fernández de Mesa VargasMemberExternal, Non-Executive
Mr. Gerardo Codes CalatravaMemberInternal, Non-Executive
Mrs. Wendy Barnes MemberExternal, Non-Executive
Mr. Daniel Alcain LópezMemberInternal, Non-Executive
Professor Dame L. Anne Glover MemberExternal, Non-Executive

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is Ms. Marion Venman.