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Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Terms of Reference of Scottish Power Board of Directors, the Board is responsible for management of the Company and for the formulation and implementation of the ScottishPower Group’s strategy.

The Board of Directors of Scottish Power Limited has established the ScottishPower Audit and Compliance Committee which is an internal informational and consultative body without executive powers, with information, advisory and proposal-making powers within its scope of activities defined in its own Terms of Reference

In addition, the Board of Directors has also established the ScottishPower Management Committee to provide an informative and coordinating role for the activities of the ScottishPower Group which is attended by the Management Team. The Management Committee does not exercise any executive function as a decision-making body. It meets weekly to receive regular information on the activities of ScottishPower in order to support the Group’s corporate functions and lines of business, and in order to assist the Chief Executive Officer in the performance of his duties.

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