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Biodiversity and Ecosystems

ScottishPower aims to deliver a net positive impact on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Our activities have the potential to influence habitats and species across a wide range of terrestrial and marine environments in which we build, operate, and maintain the infrastructure that will help us all live cleaner and greener lives. We must play a proactive role in engaging with and contributing to national and international goals.

We are already making a difference:

  • Commenced multi-year study of Whooper Swan migration and behaviour in relation to offshore windfarms
  • Funding of seagrass and oyster restoration in the Firth of Forth by the ScottishPower Foundation
  • Trialling the Forest Design Concept, resulting in a novel replanting approach for networks linear infrastructure, utilising ‘low and slow’ growing shrubs and trees.



Biodiversity and Ecosystems Targets


Deliver net positive impact on biodiversity by 2023


Conserve, restore and plant 5 million trees by 2023 agansit a 2020 baseline



Sustainable Development Strategy – Action 2030

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