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Become a Supplier

If you’re interested in helping us make a real difference in the world by becoming a ScottishPower supplier, simply register with our online questionnaire.

In order to maintain fairness and ensure a great service, we ask that any suppliers wanting to work with us register via our online questionnaire. From there, you’ll be contacted by our partner, Achilles, to verify your data. As you complete the questionnaire, it asks you to pick your five core products/services. Don’t worry, though, there will be an opportunity for you to choose more at a further point in the process if you wish.

For product categories that are high risk, we have to do a more thorough assessment. Our Achilles Verify process helps us check potential suppliers’ Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental capabilities. From this, an evaluation rating is produced. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Our Achilles Verify process: Step 1 - Supplier decides to register or is directed to register by ScottishPower. Step 2 - Basic registration with the selection of supplier products / services. Definition of supplier registration level in Achilles. Step 3 - Register in Achilles. Verify as directed at basic registration. Registration level is driven by supplier product / service category and size. Step 4 - Qualification of the supplying company and product services provided to ScottishPower. Step 5 - Supplier is qualified for ScottishPower

Looking to become a ScottishPower supplier but have a query before filling out the questionnaire? You can email your questions to or call 01235 838190.

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