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Audio Transcript: Working in ScottishPower Renewables

The text below is the transcript from the Working in ScottishPower Renewables video.

Video Title: Working in ScottishPower Renewables

My name is Mark McMullin, I work within the Business Performance team.

My name is Robin Cathcart and I'm a Planning and Environmental Policy Analyst. 

My name is Helen Walker and my job title is Head of Environment.

I started within the business straight out of uni.  I joined Scottish Power as a summer intern and between my third and fourth years at university then I joined in the graduate program after university.  I really wanted to work for someone that I actually felt proud to say this is what I do and this is why I do it. 

So there's a returner program that aims to get people who have taken a career break back into the workforce and now I've been with Scottish Power for a year and thankfully have a permanent position now.  

The company comes across as having that commitment to go and invest on every level in the net zero vision so I think renewables now becomes a core part of the business of the company of its 

brand and where it's going.  Where my role comes in is making really sound commercial decisions and then setting the commercial vision for the next five years to see where do we go from here. 

I lead a team of environmental experts who provide expert environmental advice to our offshore 

energy projects.  I'm responsible for marine and site operations. 

There are four pillars that make up construction within project services so there's quite a lot of different skill sets within the department of construction. 

The business performance team has a sort of umbrella view of all projects, so basically people can come to us for independent information with regards to the actual offshore business and we deal with a plethora of different areas within there.

 So while the construction team develop the projects the operations team we look after it for the life of the assets so we're trying to maintain the integrity and the efficiency of the wind turbine generators.

It's a new industry so there's always things changing there's always new things happening, but the people really make it because we all know what it is we want to try to achieve and work really hard to try and do it. 

Every day is different every day is challenging.  The decision making, it's the fast pace and I think that that's what I enjoy the most.  We recognise the challenge that lies ahead of us and we're not scared to put our hand up and saying that we want to do this.

We want to lead that charge we want that better future and we want it quicker.

I've always wanted to make a difference to the environment and a meaningful difference, and I can with Scottish Power.

If you have to describe Scottish Power in three words it would be;

A leader, innovative and collaborative. 

Planet-saving pioneer. 

Committed, exciting and challenging. Better future quicker.