Audio Transcript: What is Green Hydrogen?

The text below is the transcript from the 'What is green hydrogen?' video.

What is green hydrogen and how is it produced?

In order to combat climate change, we need to adopt Electrification as a clean and sustainable solution to many of our transport and industrial needs.

Today, we generate the majority of electricity from sustainable resources such as wind and solar, but these sources sometimes struggle to fuel industry and larger, heavier modes of transport – like busses, lorries and ships.

That’s where hydrogen comes in.

Although hydrogen is a colourless, odourless gas we use colours to describe how it’s produced and the processes used to create it.

Two of the commonly referenced colours are grey and blue.

Grey hydrogen is produced from natural gas; Creating damaging CO2 in the process.

In the future, blue hydrogen will also be made from natural gas and some of the carbon dioxide produced will be captured and stored - but it’s not possible to capture all of it.

The cleanest form of hydrogen production is green, and this is the only type produced using renewable energy, resulting in zero CO2 emissions.

Clean renewable electricity is used to power an electrolyser; Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, with no carbon emissions.

The hydrogen can be stored and transported for use as necessary.

So, Green hydrogen is incredibly versatile: we can create, store and transport it as required and  by using renewable energy, we can ensure the process creates zero carbon emissions, helping to accelerate your green energy goals and all it leaves behind is water!

Whether your hydrogen demand for your business is large or small, we can work with you to find a green hydrogen solution that meets your needs.

Another step towards a better future, quicker.