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Audio Transcript: What is COP26?

The text below is the transcript from the What is COP26? video.

Video Title: What is COP26 and why are we involved

In November 2021, the world comes to Glasgow – our home city - as it hosts COP26.

As a Principal Partner we wanted to explain what COP, or as it is otherwise known, the Conference of the Parties is and why we are involved.

In its simplest form COP is an annual event where world leaders come together to agree a collective action plan and set targets that can be enforced fairly, in the global fight against climate change.

Back in 1995 the 1st COP was held in Berlin and since then the urgency for action against climate change has grown in importance.

During COP21 a milestone was achieved with196 countries agreeing on an international treaty known as the Paris Agreement.

It’s goal is to keep global temperature rises to well below 2 degrees and pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees.

Countries have yet to finalise the rules on how the Paris Agreement will operate going forward and COP26, will allow countries to complete that job.

COP26 will be the biggest summit the UK has ever held, with many describing it as the most significant climate change summit of all time.

Supporting COP26 demonstrates that we are invested in the success of the conference and its outcomes and our participation reinforces our absolute commitment to tackling climate change.

COP26 is an important global stage to showcase what has already been achieved in the UK on the journey to Net Zero and to learn from others about the steps needed to ensure we ALL meet our climate change targets.

We’re committed to playing our part in this journey and plan to invest £10bn in the clean energy generation and networks infrastructure needed to help the UK decarbonise.

We believe in developing an energy model that prioritises the well-being of people and the preservation of the planet and we were the first integrated energy company in the UK to switch to 100% clean energy generation, producing all of our electricity from offshore and onshore wind.

Together, we must act now to build a better future, quicker for everyone.