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Audio Transcript: ScottishPower Careers

The text below is the transcript from the ScottishPower Careers video.

Video Title: ScottishPower Careers

I was attracted to work for Scottish Power because of their commitment to renewable energy and I just really wanted to be a part of that company driving, driving the change in the energy industry.

I think it's important that everyone has some faith for 100% green energy to become the norm, for the future.  Any company any sector taking the first step in that direction is already earning people's trust.  There is always that opportunity to develop and face new challenges.

Knowing that I work for a company that is creating renewable energy and it's really trying to make a difference for the whole world, the most satisfying part that I get for my job. 

We get to work with great new technologies which is I think something that keeps you on your toes a little bit and it keeps things interesting. We're making decisions, complex decisions on a daily basis but we're also quite agile.

I'm finding kind of working post Covid times to be a lot easier than I would have ever imagined it could be. We all know what we want to try to achieve, we work really hard to try and do it.

I’m fortunate enough that I’ve got really nice people to work with. I believe that people make Scottish Power. There's a lot of very experienced people around.  There's a drive to identify people who want to progress and there's a willingness to train people. 

Another thing that I’m quite passionate about is the mentoring program at Scottish Power, I personally am both a mentor and a mentee and I think that there's loads of great initiatives that are similar or related to that.

Training is important but actually ScottishPower gives you amazing on-the-job opportunities. Anyone who is wanting to come in and take ownership of work for themselves and for the business, great place to work. 

Anyone with an open mind will succeed here.  I think we offer so many different disciplines so many different service offerings even as a business that I couldn't put it down to one type of person I think it's just really that open mind and that enthusiasm that that would carry you through here.  In terms of the different businesses we've got here as well as the global opportunity that's available and it's something that you can start your career here doing and then blossom into something even bigger.