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Audio Transcript: ScottishPower Foundation Awards 2019

The text below is the transcript from the ScottishPower Foundation Awards 2019 video.

The ScottishPower Foundation exists to make a contribution to local charities right across the UK to create a sustainable environment and better quality of life in local communities.

Well the award ceremony last night was to celebrate the work of the people that we support.

Those charities do fantastic work for the people that they work with, and they come and tell us about it, they tell each other about it, they share lessons, they celebrate their success and we all basically have a good time recognizing all the good work that's being done.

Being a volunteer for the National Deaf Children’s Society has been great, giving me confidence and independence.

For other young people, especially deaf ones, they can see how a deaf role model has gone through life and it can inspire then to do anything they want.

We're delighted to have won the education partnerships award. With the money from the award we're going to be able to bring a delegation of young people from Wales to run a side event at the real COP in Glasgow next year and give them a chance to speak their views on climate change to a range of people in policymaking from around the world.

So tonight we've won the innovative project award for our family weekends which is absolutely fantastic, we're thrilled with it, and the award funding means that we're going to be able to continue this project next year and help even more families to achieve through adventure.

I'm really delighted and thrilled to be here, having come all the way down from Orkney for this, and just yesterday I was up in Orkney in one of the farthest care centres in Scotland and performing to the old folk there. The performance brought a smile to their face and I think smiling is so important.