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Audio Transcript: Our Largest Recruitment Drive

The text below is the transcript from the Our Largest Recruitment Drive video. An audio-described version of the video is also available.

So today we've announced the creation of an additional 152 skilled engineering jobs.

The important thing about these jobs is that about the future of the energy network and the energy network is critical to getting the country to Net Zero 2050 and Net Zero 2045 for Scotland and as well as investing in it.

It's about the people and about having engineers and skilled people to be able to work on, develop, grow and modernize that entire network.

I think this announcement by ScottishPower is hugely important in terms of our Net Zero journey, because we're going to complete that journey successfully, which we are all determined to do.

We need to make sure we have the people with the skills to deliver everything that is required.

So this decision, this investment by ScottishPower is a critical part of this. And I really welcome it.

As we see the growth in Net Zero use of electricity for transport and heat.

We need to make sure that our network is fit for purpose, so making sure we're innovating, we're putting smart technology in but we're also upgrading our infrastructure to cope with those new demands which are going to come from transport and heat, and that's why we're creating these new jobs.