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Audio Transcript: Inclusion at ScottishPower

The text below is the transcript from the Inclusion at ScottishPower video.

Video Title: Inclusion at ScottishPower

We're a company that lives by its values and purpose to continue building each day a healthier

more accessible energy model based on electricity. In other words, a better future quicker.  I'm Mark McMullin and I’m here to be your guide to how we as colleagues are working towards those goals

and how you can help.  Let's start with our employee networks.  These are groups of people who invest this time for a common purpose.  People with a drive and a real interest in bringing people and teams together.  Different backgrounds and experiences make us stronger.  The networks are very important within Scottish Power because they are run by the employees. 

Being part of network actually empowers people to take a moment, think about what exactly do we want from the business to then become part of the business's vision and the direction in which it's taking. 

In terms of the digital department specifically we have a huge range of cultures that are working across the team which I think is really great you get to learn about like interest in different kind of lifestyles and habits and things that people have, and personally I find that really enjoyable.

Our networks make a deep impact on our work attracting new members and allies as they do so.

I am one of the founders of the Vibe employee network which is the voice of inclusion and balanced ethnicity employee network.  We're educating people, but at the same time we are celebrating with those individuals.  We're a real mixture and I would say we're a family and you know we've all got our own strengths we've all got our own weaknesses. 

There's a mixture of new talent I guess but there's also people who have been in the company for a really long time and watched it change itself and shape itself along the way and you know those people are incredibly valuable for me because they're who you learn off day to day.

Within Scottish Power we have a vision and values.  The values are sustainable, dynamic, collaborative.  Those three values are the values that my team have.  We live those values. People are very, I would say very enthusiastic and then very keen to cooperate and collaborate really, I think I am quite lucky to have such a good team.  It's a great team, it's a really really good team, it's a great team. 

At Scottish Power Renewables I work in a very diverse team and we're encouraged to increase the diversity of that team and think differently.  And I think that's really exciting and positive.  Inclusion and diversity is so important at the moment you know particularly within the networks that we have and it will let us understand who we have within the company and what we can try and do to try and help and support those people that have started.

Everyone has the same goals I think, the culture is we're trying to achieve something for customer.  So, there's been I think a general drive to make sure I think whatever we're doing it has to be good for the customer. 

Inclusion at ScottishPower is part of who we are and reflects our values and our purpose.  You'll find more on our website or if you're part of our team already you'll find additional information on our internet. We hope to see you soon.