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Audio Transcript: COP26 draws to an end - Keith Anderson

The text below is the transcript from the 'COP26 draws to an end - Keith Anderson' video. An audio-described version of the video is also available.

So that's us at the end of COP26 in Glasgow, and it's been a massive success, a huge success for the company, we've been involved from day one meeting everybody from world leaders, presidents, all the way through to a whole load of stakeholders and a huge number of members of the public as well who've come in to our great stand.

People I've met have ranged from former Prime Ministers, the First Minister, all the way through to schoolchildren at our Let's Talk Energy event. 

And the important thing is is that I'm hearing the same thing from all of them.

They all want change. 

We all recognise the need for change, and we all need to see COP26 as being a real tipping point as we start plans to reach 1.5 degrees. 

At ScottishPower, we've got cause for optimism because we already know what we're doing.

We've already got a plan in place, our technologies work and we know what we can do to contribute
to the transition that everybody else now needs to get on board with.

It's now our job, using the learnings that we've got, to help everyone else in their transition. 

So really positive discussion, positive headlines coming out around deforestation, commitments on methane, commitments on coal and the investment in coal, and fantastic opportunity for the whole planet to get on board.

It's been great to be involved in the discussions showing what the UK has done, the leadership we've taken as a company and as a country, and helping to explain that to the rest of the world, which is hugely important, and hopefully we've made a massive change to what other people think about how they go about tackling climate change and getting to net zero.