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Audio Transcript: Better Future, Quicker

The text below is the transcript from the 'Better Future Quicker' video

Look closely, what do you see? We see energy.

Energy that makes the world turn, it’s the energy that powers a city, fuels a business, a school.

The energy that keeps us warm, that keeps our families and our children safe, healthy and together, day in day out.

It’s the energy that we need to help save lives.

All that energy comes from a world rich in natural power, from the sea wind and sun.

It’s the energy that drives us forward as a planet.

The energy that will drive down costs.

So at ScottishPower, we’ve made a stand, we are no longer producing electricity in ways that can harm our planet. Our future will be a clean one, a sustainable one, and critically an electric one.

Because the cost of the UK’s carbon economy is too high, for our bills, for our environment and for our health and by investing in renewables we are lowering the cost of them, which over time will help keep bills lower too.

This is a critical moment for energy and at ScottishPower we’re driving the changes required to help the UK get rid of carbon sooner.

We are proud to say that we are the first integrated energy company in the UK to be producing 100% green electricity from offshore and onshore wind.

Right now, all the electricity we produce is from renewable sources, every last drop of it.

We are harnessing technology to improve lives, from easier ways to run smart vehicles, to smarter homes and mobile apps that let you manage energy remotely.

And we are investing billions in innovation, smart grid solutions and the future proofing of network of overhead lines and underground cables.

All of this will help us meet the increasing demand for renewable electricity, safely, securely and sustainably, right across the country.

Together we can leave the carbon economy behind to unleash an innovative wave of green investment, a future that offers smarter solutions, powered by 100% renewables electricity. A future that delivers better service, more customer control and lower costs.

A future that will support the UK in becoming the world’s leading clean economy.

So look again, we see a better future and quicker.

What do you see?



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