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A Family Friendly Approach

All ScottishPower careers take a family friendly approach, providing statutory leave entitlements such as dependency, parental and maternity leave, as well as offering enhanced benefits:

Flexible working patterns are not just there to cover arrangements for childcare, they’re also used to enable employees to care for dependants or undertake further education studies.

We’re big believers in the importance of family, so we also offer parents and expectant parents enhanced Maternity and Adoption leave provisions, plus Childcare Vouchers which can attract an annual saving on childcare costs of up to £933 for each parent.

And we offer everyone enhanced Annual Leave beyond the statutory entitlement of 31 days.

Caring and development breaks are available to employees to enable them to take time away from the workplace. These allow employees to spend time with a dependant or undertake external activities for their personal development and enhance their career progression potential. An employee may take a period of up to six months off, during which time their continuity of service with the company is protected and the employee can return to work following their period of leave.